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About JITA Entertainment Television
JITA Entertainment Television began in 1984 on a local cable station in Compton, Ca. from a vision of Ernest Johnson, a child actor who was moved to operate on the other side of the camera.  

JITA began with a family television program on the cable station titled Jesus Is The Answer  that gained a fan base as its popularity and audiences  around the world as it sprung from that local cable station to networks such as TBN, The Word Network, The Black Family Channel, The Harvest Time Network, The NRB Network and its own streaming television network.

JITA Branched out to create other shows  such as Hollywood for JITA, a celebrity interview show that has had some of the greatest guest stars in entertainment, sports and community to inspire its audiences.

JITA cares about producing quality family television and motion pictures and entertainment with powerful life changing impact on its audiences.

JITA Entertainment Television is family-owned and operated in Compton, CA. Since opening in 1984, we’ve treated every relationship like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. We also offer professional production and post production services and professional training in all areas of video production as well as actor's workshops.