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Program Samples
JITA ENTERTAIMENT TV has been producing and broadcasting quality televsion shows on cable, broadcast and satellite networks since 1984.  Below is just a few of clips from some of our current and past tv projects. 
Jeff Fenholt of TBN
JITA TV joined forces with the TBN Network many times to produce tv specials.  This is just one of many.
Celebrity Promos
JITA In The News
JITA TV has produced drops from some of the most prominate people in entertainment, sports, and community.
Ernest Johnson and JITA TV / Films have been featured on national news and magazines shows like ET & CNN.
In Studio Guests
JITA TV's flagg ship program has hosted hundreds of in studio guests.
Here is a clip from Chip and Kim Fields..
Music Video Shows
Red Carpet Events
JITA TV has produced and host various music video shows. 
The JITA Camera have been invited onto red carpet events a major ceculir events and christian events world-wide.