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JITA Television is an up and coming leader in television programming  and the following are just a few of our television projects that have been on cable, internet or broadcast television since 1984.  We are striving to be one of the industry leaders of family programing.

1982     JITA Ministries                   Religious Varitey Program  (Presently)
1984      Hollywood for JITA             Entertainment Magazine Format (Presently)
1986      What's Happening News     On the street and location interviews 
1991      Todd Bridges Show (Pilot)   A Pilot for Actor Todd Bridges
1991      Fred Berry Show (Pilot)       Produced a TV Pilot for Fred Berry 30min.
1992      Oprah Show                       Segements Produced for TB Youth Found.
1993      Maury Povich                    Segements Produced for TB Youth Found.
1993      Marlyn Kagen Show          Segements Produced for TB Youth Found.
1994      Bobby Jones Gospel         Episode of Gospel Cruse BET
1995      RUSH National Conv.         A full television 4 Camera Show for Satellite
1995      Woodcraft In Side             A Weekly Television Show Highlighting 
                                                    success stories of inner-city youth. 3 years

1996      JITA Youth NAACP           Television specials of highlights  
                                                    of the NAACP ACT-SO Competitons

1981 to Present Music Videos        JITA TV Produces and obtains air time for 
                                                    music videos of various Gospel and 
                                                    inspirational music.

From 1982 to present JITA TV has managed and maintains the local religious channel for Compton and the Los Angeles area through Time/Warner Cable. (This is a non-profit channel with a board of comminity leaders. )