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JITA Entertainment Television has been providing informative and quality entertainment to families around the world since 1984. We have maintained  several national television shows on cable, satellite and now internet tv to keep our audiences up to date on Entertainment and world news from a local perspective. 

Jita has had the priviledge to host named celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Todd Bridges, Teena Marie, Kim Fields, Rick James, Mohammand Ali, Floyd Mayweather, AC Green, Bill Cosby, Mario, Eazy - E, Kobe Bryant, Keenan Thompson, Jessie Jackson, Vesta, Nelly, Janet Jackson and a host of others. Gospel greats, Shirley Cesar, Fred Hammond, Andre Crouch, Smokey Norful, Mary, Maryand the list goes on.   

JITA continues to grow as an entertainment leader in news, sports, community and human interest stories.

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Ernest Johnson
Host - Senior Producer
Satellite, Cable, Broadcast and Internet Television
Director Of Photographty
Producer/ Director / Camera
Rodney Washington
Production Coordinator